key-less locks to avoid locking yourself out of the housekey-less locks to avoid locking yourself out of the house

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key-less locks to avoid locking yourself out of the house

Do you lock yourself out of your home a few times each year? Do you have teenagers that arrive home from school and find that they have left their keys in the house that morning an cannot get in? If your household experiences repeated lockouts, it is time to consider investing in at least one key-less lock for your home. Although these locks can cost a little more than traditional key locks, they can save you from the troubles that come with locking yourself out. Learn more about your options in key-less locks by visiting my site. There, you will get a good idea of how these locks are installed and what they could cost you.


Four Reasons To Insist On Rekeying An Apartment After A Roommate Moves Out

Whether you were sharing an apartment with a trusted friend or strictly had a roommate to save money on rent, you may be curious about what you should do once they have moved out. If you are intending on staying in the apartment after your roommate moves out, the first thing that you should consider is the impact on security. In fact, having the same locks and keys can lead to a number of issues if they are left unchanged. Read More 

Don’t Let The Ghouls Get You - Safety During Halloween

As you approach All Hallows Eve with its many costumed creatures out to trick-or-treat, you also need to remember that not everyone is out for fun and games. There is estimated to be more than 2.5 million home intrusions in the U.S. each year and an estimated 2,500 cars stolen every day. As the means of securing your property gets more sophisticated so do the robbers so you need to ensure that you are abreast with the ways to help protect you and your family from loss and danger. Read More 

Keeping Your Office Safe

Workplace security involves more than keeping the building locked at night, although that step is vitally important. At your business, you need to install a security system that will keep your business safe from intruders at all times. As a business owner, you need to invest in the proper locks and alarms to protect your merchandise.  The Lock System Keeping your business safe when no one is there requires an excellent lock system. Read More 

Quick Tips To Care For Your Locks And Doors

When you want to be sure that your door locks are properly cared for, it will take some diligent maintenance on your behalf. As the owner of the home, it is always up to you to keep up with this door and lock maintenance, so that you can protect your home, along with its safety and security. With this in mind, you can read this article to learn the best ways to keep your lock and door in the best possible condition. Read More 

New Locks? Rekey? Your Responsibility As A Landlord

There are many responsibilities that come with owning rental property, one of them being the safety of your tenants. You want to be sure that your tenants are living in a unit or home that is secure. Legal Obligations When it comes to your responsibility about locks and keys, the state you live in sets the laws. At a bare minimum, most states require a landlord to supply their tenants with adequate locks on doors that lead to the outside and on windows. Read More