key-less locks to avoid locking yourself out of the housekey-less locks to avoid locking yourself out of the house

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key-less locks to avoid locking yourself out of the house

Do you lock yourself out of your home a few times each year? Do you have teenagers that arrive home from school and find that they have left their keys in the house that morning an cannot get in? If your household experiences repeated lockouts, it is time to consider investing in at least one key-less lock for your home. Although these locks can cost a little more than traditional key locks, they can save you from the troubles that come with locking yourself out. Learn more about your options in key-less locks by visiting my site. There, you will get a good idea of how these locks are installed and what they could cost you.



5 Different Services an Automotive Locksmith Can Provide

When it comes to your vehicle's security, you will want to work with an automotive locksmith. An automotive locksmith can provide you with various services that will help you gain access to your vehicle.

#1: Program Your Transponder Key

 A transponder key has a microchip in the key's plastic head. When the key is inserted in the ignition, a signal is sent to the key with a transponder key; the key then receives this signal and sends a radio frequency back to the little antenna ring on your ignition system. That signal then causes a code to be generated, which is sent to your vehicle's Engine Control Unit. The code must match your vehicle for it to start. If the code doesn't match, your vehicle won't start. 

If your transponder key stops working, or if you need a new one made, the locksmith must do more than just cut a new key. They have to correctly program the key to communicate with your car to ensure that you cannot only unlock your vehicle but start your vehicle.

#2: Duplicate Your Key

If you have a regular key for your vehicle, an automotive locksmith can easily duplicate your key if you need a back-up. They can take your original key and easily create a spare copy. If you don't have the key, they can also still create a new key for you, providing you can show that you own the vehicle in question.

#3: De-Ice Your Door

Sometimes, when it is cold outside, your door can get iced shut. In that situation, you don't want to force your door open. A locksmith carries special products with them that will allow them to easily de-ice your frozen lock and door, allowing you to open your vehicle and get inside safely.

#4: Replace Ignition Lock

Your ignition lock is kind of like the lock on your front door. It is made to withstand thousands of usages, but eventually, it will get worn down. When it gets worn down, you will need to replace it. If your lock no longer fits the key or is lost, you will need to replace it. This is a job for an automobile locksmith to take on.

#5: Stuck Key

If you have a key stuck in the door or the ignition, you will not want to be forceful with the key. This could cause the key to breaking off in the lock, which can be expensive to repair. Instead, you will want to call a locksmith who can remove the key without causing additional damage. The locksmith will also figure out why the key jammed in the first place and fix the issue.

If you have any issues with your vehicle's key or locks, call your local automobile locksmith for further assistance.