key-less locks to avoid locking yourself out of the housekey-less locks to avoid locking yourself out of the house

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key-less locks to avoid locking yourself out of the house

Do you lock yourself out of your home a few times each year? Do you have teenagers that arrive home from school and find that they have left their keys in the house that morning an cannot get in? If your household experiences repeated lockouts, it is time to consider investing in at least one key-less lock for your home. Although these locks can cost a little more than traditional key locks, they can save you from the troubles that come with locking yourself out. Learn more about your options in key-less locks by visiting my site. There, you will get a good idea of how these locks are installed and what they could cost you.



Four Reasons To Insist On Rekeying An Apartment After A Roommate Moves Out

Whether you were sharing an apartment with a trusted friend or strictly had a roommate to save money on rent, you may be curious about what you should do once they have moved out. If you are intending on staying in the apartment after your roommate moves out, the first thing that you should consider is the impact on security. In fact, having the same locks and keys can lead to a number of issues if they are left unchanged.

Even if you trust your old roommate, consider the following four reasons why rekeying should be a priority.

Possibility Of Lost Keys

Even if you and your previous roommate have always been careful about the keys, there is always the possibility that they may have gotten lost at some point. While you may be certain that you have never lost your keys, it is impossible to know whether or not your roommate has (or might still, after moving out). In the event that they lost their keys at some point, it could put you at risk, making it best to change the locks soon.

Keys May Have Been Given To Others

Your apartment keys could also have been given to strangers to you. Your roommate may have given a spare key to a friend or a romantic partner, putting you at risk since that person can then access the apartment at any time.

Peace Of Mind For The New Roommate

Even if you feel confident that your apartment is safe and that they keys have not fallen in the wrong hands, this could be a concern for your new roommate. If you are expecting a new roommate to move in, you will want to get the locks rekeyed after they move in so that they can be content that the keys are new.

Landlord May Expect New Keys

Some landlords may even require you to get your apartment rekeyed whenever tenants change. Before spending your own money on rekeying, however, check with your landlord to see if they will cover the cost of rekeying the apartment.

Rekeying an apartment can seem unnecessary if you trust the person that you lived with, but there are several benefits to consider before writing off this small project. Rekeying also has a fairly low cost. When done by professionals, it only costs between $40-$100 for the service charge and $5-$25 per lock cylinder. Consider having it done as soon as your roommate leaves. Carlsbad Village Lock & Key may be able to meet your needs in this area.